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Electricity for Vietnam

Smartphones, vacuum cleaners, and electric railways – they all run on electricity. And where there’s electricity, insulators are needed, for example to fasten transmissionlines to the transmission tower. Militzer & Münch Ukraine was able to win a producer of polymeric insulators as a customer, and now transports insulator parts from Shanghai to Ukraine, and forwards the finished goods to Vietnam.

Militzer & Münch Ukraine handles the import as well as the export for their customer.  The parts are being imported from Shanghai to Ukraine, mainly via sea freight in 20 foot containers, sometimes also via air. The transported goods are fastening elements that connect the insulators to the current line and the transmission tower.

After they have arrived in Ukraine, the goods are trucked from the Port of Odessa or Kiev Airport to the production factory in the Donetsk region. Here, the polymeric insulators are produced and packed in wooden boxes for on-forwarding. The finished insulators are transported to Ho Chi Minh City, mostly by air.

During one year, the M&M Ukraine team shipped more than 15 tons in airfreight and 51 in sea freight in imports from Shanghai, and more than 24 tons by air and 50 tons by sea in exports to Vietnam. More: