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Conquering the Steppe

Kazakhstan. On some roads in Kazakhstan, you have camels crossing, and  some routes are sand tracks only. Difficult circumstances for the transport of parts for a compressor station to Bozoi in Kazakhstan – the perfect task for Militzer & Münch. “This order was quite a challenge”, says Nikolaus Kohler, Regional Managing Director Middle East / Central Asia. “We had to transport five complete compressor units from Europe via Russia to Kazakhstan. We were glad to be able to rely on our strong teams in Germany, Russia, and Kazakhstan.” Militzer & Münch first of all gathered the parts from England, the Netherlands and Germany at the port of Rotterdam, from where they were shipped to the port of St. Petersburg. The cargo was stored here, and was then loaded onto 36 trucks and transported to the Bozoi construction site. The components from China were stored in Shanghai before they were loaded into 35 containers and sent to Aktobe, Kazakhstan, via rail. From there, they reached Bozoi by truck.  Once finished, the pipeline will measure 1,475 kilometers in length. The first part was taken into operation already in 2013, the second part followed in 2015. Construction start of the last segment, which includes several compressor stations, was ordered by the Kazakh government in 2017.

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